About Us

About Dooable

Dooable is lovingly created for Australians who require financial assistance to support their medical needs.

Year-on-year, the cost of medical care has spiralled upwards – and everyday people like you and me may not have the necessary funds set aside for unexpected medical costs. That’s where Dooable and your community come together – allowing your supporters to easily donate funds towards your medical expenses while sharing your call to action with their networks.

Dooable is distinct from other crowdfunding sites – we know how much every cent counts when you are in financial difficulty and your health is in peril. With Dooable, you keep all the monies donated to your project – regardless of whether your ‘target’ figure is achieved. Dooable concentrates solely on fundraising for medical costs, helping families through financially and emotionally difficult periods.

Our Story

In 2011, Lindy (Dooable’s founder) had an experience which put her whole idea of medical care and community fundraising into sharp focus. Her Father had an accident and was hospitalized, and during his brief stay awaiting surgery he became friendly with his room-mate. He learned that this patient required life-saving surgery to repair his heart, and in order to pay for this treatment he had sold his house, leaving his young family homeless. Lindy’s Father was very saddened by this story, sharing his fellow-patient’s plight with Lindy and her siblings. Sadly, Lindy’s Dad passed away later that same night during surgery.

Lindy’s Father was a kind and compassionate man, ready and willing to help others when he was able. He was also an excellent story teller – and the very last story he shared with his family inspired Lindy to create Dooable: a crowdsourced medical fundraising platform to help people in need.

Dooable is a tribute to Lindy’s Father – may his last tale be the beginning of a story of good health and long life.