Tandem House – Short Breaks from Everyday Life


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Tandem House is an inclusive place for children and young people living with disabilities, their families and their carers. Providing after school care, holiday care, overnight or weekend short breaks and other social and leisure programs, Tandem House gives the chance to have short breaks from everyday life.


Your donation will make it possible for children and young people with disabilities to have additional overnight stays at Tandem House to enjoy social and leisure activities with others of similar age and interests while being cared for by qualified support workers.


  • Tandem House sleepovers – actual cost for one child is $440/night or $880/weekend.
  • A target of 5 kids @ 6 weekends = approx. 30
  • Target goal = $26,400


Michael is a 16 year old boy, living with a disability, from a single parent household.

During the School Holiday program at DUO’s Tandem House, Michael can socialise with some of his friends from school while meeting other young people and forming new friendships.

Michael loves cooking and tending to the garden.  He also loves singing and playing guitar.  Michael can often be found in the centre of the dance floor, dancing to his favourite songs and encouraging others to take part.

Whilst Michael is having fun at Tandem House, his mother receives a much needed short break from her caring role to take time out for herself.


Tandem House is a part of DUO Services Australia: Support for Independent Living.

“We are a thriving social enterprise providing personal care, home and community support.

DUO helps you stay independent and remain a part of your community. With our support, you can extend your freedom to live how and where you choose. We are known for our responsiveness. When you come to DUO, you can expect quality care from trained professionals. Every support worker is chosen for their capacity to understand your unique needs.”



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