What does Dooable do?

Dooable provides a platform for you to reach all your friends and family online quickly to raise money online for someone in need of medical treatment/care.

Why should I choose Dooable

At Dooable, we believe every cent counts. That’s why we believe you should receive every cent given to you, even if you do not reach your target fund.

Costs and Fees

What is the cost of starting a campaign

It is entirely free to create and start a campaign. However, in order for us to keep supporting people in need, a small administration fees will be charged to cover our running costs. There will also be processing fees for each transaction charged by PayPal.

What are the costs involved in a campaign

Dooable charges 5% of admin fees, plus PayPal processing and transaction fees.

Donating and giving

How do I donate

Donations will be accepted via PayPal payment

Where will my money go

The fund will be held by Dooable until the end of the campaign. It will then be transferred to the creator of the campaign.



What is a campaign

A campaign is an initiative started by a creator to raise money to fund medical needs within a timeframe

What do you need to start a campaign

  • a description to tell your story on why you are starting a campaign
  • a photo that can be uploaded to support your campaign.
  • the targeted amount you are aiming o raise from your campaign
  • most importantly, you need a bank account/ PayPal account so that the money raised can be transferred to you at the end of the campaign.

How do you start a campaign

Starting a campaign is easy. Just follow the steps located in Learn.

How long will each campaign last

At Dooable, we allow you to set your own duration. However statistic shows that a successful campaign normally runs for 90 days. So please make sure you allow enough time to reach your target amount.

How do I get people to support my campaign

When your campaign has been created, you will received a unique URL that you can shared via emails as well as through social media network such as Facebook, Twitter. We have built in tools that can help you connect to your social media account.