Learn How it Works

Dooable comes from a place of love and care - an online fundraising and donation platform created specifically to help Australians in need of financial support manage the cost of their medical needs.

Easy to use and simple to share with your communities, Dooable allows anyone to create an effective, engaging awareness campaign to raise funds for medical expenses. Utilise the power of your own social networks to encourage your communities to contribute to your worthy cause.

Whether you’re focussed on raising funds for a loved one’s surgical costs, for their costly medication or to help pay for the ongoing care of an individual with a disability – Dooable is a unique crowdsourced fundraising platform here to help you achieve your goals.


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Getting started on Dooable is easy: simply establish the amount of helpful funds you plan to raise before perfecting the message you wish to share with your supporters.

To enjoy the benefits of a crowdsourced fundraising campaign, it’s critical get the numbers right. Do your research before introducing your Dooable project – be accurate and set a fundraising target based on the minimum amount you’ll require for medical costs and associated fees (such a travel etc).

Perfect your message, and be transparent about your needs.

Engage meaningfully with your community by telling them your personal story, explaining why the funds raised are so critical to their recipient’s quality of life. This is the space to get really creative – to show, not tell! Take photos, make videos and give your audience a true call to action through tale. The most important factor in telling your story is sincerity: whether your message is solemn or humorous, make sure it is authentic.

Finally, answer some basic questions about your fundraising project before submitting to Dooable.

Our team will then review your submission – once approved, your campaign will go live. That’s it! You’re ready to begin your Dooable fundraising journey!


Don’t be a wallflower – tell your supporters about your upcoming Dooable fundraiser and get them excited about sharing the news with their friends! Tell your nearest and dearest, but don’t forget to include your co-workers, any associations or clubs you participate in and other influencers who might be supportive of your cause.

Once your Dooable campaign is live, invite everyone to participate and donate!

Whether you send out bespoke emails, emoji-laden text messages or fun memes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – now is your time to shine and share the link to your Dooable crowdfunding page!

Stay In Touch

As your campaign develops, stay in contact with your supporter community: whether your news is good or not-so-good, keep your audience in the loop by posting regular updates on your crowdfunding page and relevant social media channels. Your audience is part of your story – keep them involved with your Dooable progress.



Dooable is different: you will receive all donated funds regardless of reaching your goal amount.

Nimble and generous, Dooable is a uniquely flexible crowdfunding platform. Unlike other platforms, all Dooable donations are paid to their beneficiary regardless of any financial goal being reached. Payments are made at the completion of the campaign period via the recipient’s preferred payment method.

Receiving Funds and Dooable Charges

All fundraising monies are held by Dooable until the end of your campaign, before being transferred to your account of choice minus a 5% admin fee and any PayPal transaction fees.